December 2020

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Your garage door is a mechanical item with moving parts that will wear out and break at some point.

You depend on your door for access in and out of your house. There’s the old saying “It only breaks when you need it”. You don’t want a broken door and your car stuck inside when you need to get to an important appointment.

We recommend yearly service by a professional to reduce the likelihood of this but there are things you can do yourself. Pay attention to how your door works and the noises it makes. Most doors and openers if properly adjusted should be fairly quiet. Familiarize yourself with it and take note of changes. Keep the photo safety eyes on your opener clean and clear of obstructions. Also keep stored items away from them to avoid knocking them out of alignment. Check doors regularly for loose or missing hardware and parts. Check your cables for any sign of fraying or wear. Doors should be lubricated regularly with a proper lubricant. If you are unsure what to use ask your garage door dealer. In winter keep all snow and ice away from the bottom of the door to prevent it freezing down and causing damage.

Remember the springs are under extreme tension and should only be worked on by a professional with the proper training and tools.

Although no-one can guarantee the door won’t break, regular maintenance can catch a lot of problems before they happen.

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New Doors Can Increase Value When Re-Selling Your Home

When selling your home think about it from the vantage point of the buyer. One of the first things that hit you when you view a home is curb appeal. With most garage doors on the front of the home this takes up a large percentage of that curb view. Studies from the US show on average a new garage door will recoup 71.9% of it’s cost in resale value. This will be even higher if your door is old and really looking like it’s on it’s last legs. There is also that peace of mind issue for potential buyers, everything new will not need to be replaced in the near future, or require repairs.

There are many options available in colours and styles as well as window designs to really dress up your home. Take your time and think about what will best improve that curb appeal to draw in those buyers and make a quick sale.

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Choosing the Right Door Style

When it comes to choosing a garage door, either for your new home or to replace an existing one there are a number of factors to consider.

Price of course comes to mind and will vary depending on the quality or style of door chosen. There are many more colours and styles available as well as window options than in previous years. There are also options in materials such as steel with factory applied paint colours all the way to wood doors that can be custom stained, or fibreglass with stain and texture to mimic real wood. Shopping from a garage door dealer also gives you more sizing options than the big box stores.

Your garage door makes up a large portion of the front of most homes and can have a dramatic affect on curb appeal. You need to take a look at your home and choose a door that will complement existing colours in the house and trim as well as window styles.

We can help you with these decisions as well as point you to supplier web sites where you can view door styles on sample homes to help you visualize the door on your own home. Buying from a door dealer also comes with the piece of mind that the same company will sell, install, and warranty both the product and the labour.

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