New Doors Can Increase Value When Re-Selling Your Home

When selling your home think about it from the vantage point of the buyer. One of the first things that hit you when you view a home is curb appeal. With most garage doors on the front of the home this takes up a large percentage of that curb view. Studies from the US show on average a new garage door will recoup 71.9% of it’s cost in resale value. This will be even higher if your door is old and really looking like it’s on it’s last legs. There is also that peace of mind issue for potential buyers, everything new will not need to be replaced in the near future, or require repairs.

There are many options available in colours and styles as well as window designs to really dress up your home. Take your time and think about what will best improve that curb appeal to draw in those buyers and make a quick sale.

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