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At Eastern Overhead Doors, our customers are guaranteed a quality product - installed properly and professionally. We stand behind our work!

With our incredible list of trusted overhead door suppliers, we have access to a variety of high quality residential overhead doors that can be shipped directly to our Belleville shop! No matter what style, colour or functionality you’re looking for, we have the perfect overhead door solution!

What Type Of Residential Doors Do We Carry?

It’s important to our team at Eastern Overhead Doors that we provide our clients with doors that suit their home’s style and needs. That’s why we ensure that we provide a large variety of different door options - including a variety of different materials! 

  • Steel Insulated 
  • Aluminum 
  • Non-insulated 

What Type of Residential Door Openers Do We Carry?

  • Wifi Compatible 
  • Belt Drive Trolley 
  • Side Mount 
  • Battery Backed-Up 

Wayne Dalton Sonoma Ranch Black DoorOur Residential Door Suppliers

Over the last four decades we have developed strong relationships with each of our suppliers. They provide us with high quality products, qualified personnel and an enormous range of backup services and information!

In order to serve our customers at Eastern Overhead Doors to the best of our ability, we utilize a teamwork approach with each of our suppliers. We work together in order to provide you with the best possible solution to your overhead door needs.

Check out the full list of our residential overhead door suppliers below!

Garage Doors

Electric Operators

Please visit the websites of our suppliers to obtain additional information or to view the available styles and colours.

At Eastern Overhead Doors, we supply only the professional line in belt drive and the new jackshaft models. Select models of the above supplied brands are also available with battery backup so that your overhead door will continue working in a power outage. All other overhead door accessories, such as remotes and keypad entries, are also available!

Please Note: All project materials are ordered into our shop on a project by project basis. We do not carry a stock of overhead doors at our shop location. We can, however, order a variety of different sizes, colours, and styles to meet your overhead door requirements. Please note that delivery time will vary depending on the chosen style.

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